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My First Attempt at T-Shirt Graphics

Imaginative Space


This is basically the first design I made in Illustrator.  It took a while, let me tell ya.

I had just gotten Illustrator the day before, and I was wondering what I wanted to make with it first.  That same day, I saw a YouTube video featuring one of my fave people, Philip DeFranco.  (He’s a cool dude with notable opinions, so you should go check him out.  He has a web show called The Philip DeFranco Show.)

Anyhow, he was talking about space and how awesome it is (because really, what can you say about space besides that it’s awesome?) and I saw in one of the comments that quoted DeFranco saying something cool, and this person was like, “Yeah, this should be on a shirt.”

Challenge accepted.

Now, I had experience in Photoshop, so it was too difficult.  The problem was working in vectors.  So I just decided to make the background in Photoshop and then the rest in Illustrator. Thus, you see the finished product.

I’ve submitted this design to a couple t-shirt websites, so I guess we’ll see if it’s t-shirt material!  Hope y’all like it!